What if I add daily profit Target for EA strange

What if I add daily profit Target for EA strange?

I backtest with $200 as initial equity.

Lot size is 0,01

If daily profit + floating >=1% of balance, then EA close all orders and stop EA until next day.

Next day, EA starts again.

Below is backtest data.

I think this EA is very aggressive but if profit meets a goal as a daily profit,  we can stop EA.

And it may be survive.

I am not sure but we can try!


Initial equity $200

Lot size 0,01

Non martingale (Use martingale =false)

Max order=20

Time frame =M5

TP=10 pips or basket profit dollar $1  /Stoploss =zero

Daily profit 1% (which means $2 in above condition)


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