EA strange + Hedge control

I want to try again.

Original EA has many martingale and account blow easily.

So I have an idea.

I coded Hedge control EA.

If original EA made a BUY order, then Hedge EA place SELL order immediately.

If original EA made a SELL order, then Hedge EA place BUY order immediately.

Hedge EA order is closed normal TP or basket profit close, but

if Hedge order is closed, then additional Hedge order is placed immediately in the same direction  because you may have more profit from Hedge orders…

If market is in big up trend you have many SELL-SELL-SELL and DD is so huge, but if you run Hedge control EA, you have many profit from reverse order BUY-profit close-BUY again- profit close- BUY again- profit close…


Can somebody help to test this EA?




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  • Hello Tanaka!

    I´m backtesting now Hedge ea in xauusd H1 (other ea) from 2008 to 2021 with 99% quality data. I think your idea is great, but lets try in others TFs.

    • Thank you! I can not do backtest with high quality, so your support is very welcome.
      Please try other time frame. I think M1 is so dangerous…

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