FT for EA_Tomodachi with Multi currency pair

I have just started FT for EA Tomodachi with Multi currency pair.

Initially I started TF M5, but there is very few trade, so I have changed TF M1.

Below is yesterday result.  I don’t use attack martin. Just used trailing stop.

Let us see how EA trades for  a month.



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  • I think there is a bug, or maybe I’m doing something wrong.
    I opened 5 charts with different currencies and dragged the ea on each of them. In every setting I enabled Use_MultiCurrency and put in my 5 multi pairs.

    Now the ea only opens trades for only 1 currency (AUDUSD), sometimes several trades on each timeframe (M1). In the log I found something (see screenshot).

    What’s the issue? Do I have to change magic no.?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, you can just open 1 chart only (Any chart is OK but select correct time frame which you want EA to trade).
      Please attach EA on that chart with Multicurrency=true and input currency pairs with comma separated which you want trade!

      • Hi Tanaka,
        I can’t get MultiCurrency to work. I now disabled it and work with several chart windows.
        I want to use this ea with margin attack, but marti-pipsteps don’t work. The ea opens a new trade without the correct distance (in pips) to the previous trade. Could you please check?
        Thanks a lot!

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