I have been FT EMA CROSS EA on Renko chart.

I used MACD as a filter with EMA cross for buy and sell entry.

This is a  just back test result. (RISK 20%, high risk condition).



Below is FT result. I used safer parameter.

Initial $500 /0.01 lot

Max floating $752.

If you have enough starting budget, it is better.




Trail by 12-Feb-2021


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  • hi, tanaka san, I wanna test and may be interested in purchase of the ea. pls send me the testing ea and instruction on installation renkl chart, thanks my email
    pollylin576 @ yahoo .com

  • hi; Mr.Tanaka Akiko :: I bought some EAS.. I need to ask you something .
    Is the robot’s best settings the one that comes by default or another?..thanks in advance

  • If you don’t know about Renko, please check google and you need the indicator such as Renko Chart Builder to make Renko chart with working in tick.
    Then you attach the EA on the Renko chart.
    I can not tell which is the best parameter.

  • HI Tanaka San, I have a new project for you.. I have sent you PM as usual but no response.. THis is very useful indicator based on Tick price and EA but with modification It will be awesome.. Please check or please email me at e2rd2008@gmail.com..



  • Hi Tanaka San,

    I had trouble to upload my indicator.. COuld you check your PM as usual ?

    I will try to upload it again here.

    Please let me know


  • I have tried to upload but there is message that I was not allowed to upload that kind of file..

    Please check your PM in other web as usual Tanaka San



  • Hi Mr.Tanaka, could you make a simple renko ea for me…i have the indicator renko and renko chart but i don’t really understand to code the ea…could you also give me in mql4 or mt4 version.

  • Hi
    Is this EA $20? USD?
    I would be interested to purchase and try.
    1- in the photo you left TP and SL empty in money management, any reason? or you left it to trader to adjust it.
    2- Is there any expiry on EA?
    3- can I use any Renko, please check this Renko if possible to use
    4- Which Renko do you use with this EA, I have downloaded yours would it be OK?

    Thanks and

    • OK, I will send you 2weeks demo version tomorrow.
      If you think it is good, then you can buy it later.
      Price is now $50, 20$ is old price, I am sorry about it.

  • Tanaka, when I backtest the EA on a Renko chart, it does not open a single trade. I put two EMA’s on the chart that are the same as the settings in the EA, so I see when trades should open and close, but they don’t. When I backtest on a candlestick chart, it opens and closes trades. What am I doing wrong?

  • Tanaka, please disregard my previous message as I solved the problem and can now backtest on a Renko chart. I will also try the EA on a Mean (Median) Renko chart and will let you know if it seems to be better.

    Please let us know which settings you are currently finding work best.

    By the way, I’m following you on Twitter.

    Thank you!

  • One more comment: I notice the backtest version of this EA does not have as many parameters as what is pictured above. As an example, the backtest version doesn’t have “opposite close” or “TS Step”. Does the full version have these parameters or have you changed the EA and those settings are no longer used?

    Thank you.

    • Thanks.
      I have not used this EA anymore.
      Just test 1 month demo.
      But if you like, I will upload a new version with Hedge.
      Renko backtest looks OK, but I am not sure actual real demo test
      because Renko backtest seems very different from real FT result.
      By the way I am testing Channel crash Renko and it looks better.

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