EA Envelope Last week FT

EA Envelope Last week FT

Lot size =1,0


Lot size =0,04

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  • Dear Mr. Tanaka. This is my strategy that I want to make into a robot and I thank you in the beginning for all your efforts here in this forum. The strategy depends more on the current price. The first condition: If the price is above the daily opening point, only buy deals. After the price has risen by 4 candles or more, for example, 7 or 10 or more in any time frame from one minute to a month, then the price goes down from 4 candles or more, then the downward wave stops and two bullish candles are found, and the price has crossed from the highest price of these two candles 3 pips, at which point an evil deal is opened . The stop loss is below the lowest price of these last two candles. Closing the deal is when two bearish candles are found, and the price from the bottom of them exceeds 3 points, not one point… For short deals, the opposite of this requirement

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