Free EA [ EA ONION ]

EA ONION  FT was done!

I will share  1month test result  with the best pairs.

This EA is free, so you can share with your friends!!


EA_Onion(revB).ex4 (Added Price gap pips input)

EA_Onion(revC).ex4 (Add EA pause min, if the order is closed, then EA will pause for xx min)


Detail report.

TF M1 Max DD is 163$

TF M5 Max DD is 98$


I just open M1 and M5 chart (EU is the best)  in 1 account and run EA at the same time.

Set file (M1 & M5 is the same file)



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  • Best EA ever, it is perfectly working as I’m trying BT this EA already making a profit almost 50% only in 2 weeks. I attach the result below.

    Thanks a lot, Tanaka san you’re the best.

  • Tanaka, what is your best EA so far? with lowest DD and high profit and also give me your best Set File, how much price is it for? contact me.

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