Free EA [ EA ONION ]

EA ONION  FT was done!

I will share  1month test result  with the best pairs.

This EA is free, so you can share with your friends!!


EA_Onion(revB).ex4 (Added Price gap pips input)

EA_Onion(revC).ex4 (Add EA pause min, if the order is closed, then EA will pause for xx min)


Detail report.

TF M1 Max DD is 163$

TF M5 Max DD is 98$


I just open M1 and M5 chart (EU is the best)  in 1 account and run EA at the same time.

Set file (M1 & M5 is the same file)



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  • Best EA ever, it is perfectly working as I’m trying BT this EA already making a profit almost 50% only in 2 weeks. I attach the result below.

    Thanks a lot, Tanaka san you’re the best.

    • Mnuh can you please help. You say it’s
      working very well for you. I downloaded rev(c) obviously because it’s the most
      recent version but nothing’s happening. I follow instructions as Tanaka says by opening M1/M5 and letting the EA run on both charts but no trades. Can you please show me the correct settings. I’m using 0.01 (not 0.1) fixed lot and didn’t change multiplier settings 2.0 but only changed fixed to 0.01 and copy exactly like set file screen shot.

      Please help me with your settings buddy. I’m fairly new to trading FX. Hope to hear from you. Thanks Tanaka for the great work you’re doing to help us out in this difficult times.

      Good man!

  • Tanaka, what is your best EA so far? with lowest DD and high profit and also give me your best Set File, how much price is it for? contact me.

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