I will introduce a new EA.


Please attach EA on a separate chart. The best pair is refer to below.

EA will read currency strength and place an order.

Time frame : Any time frame is OK.

I found that some broker has suffix letter in pair name, so I changed code.

If your broker pair name is EURUSD.  , then please add “.”

If your broker pair name is EURUSDm  , then please add “m”


2 weeks demo version (Expire 28-Aug-2021)


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  • Hey Tanaka,
    thanks for your ea’s. Is there a way to improve your template for a better CPU-performance while backtesting? With your ea’s I need about 3 hours to backtest 1 month (every tick-mode). I have other ea’s packed with tons of features and indicators and just need 1 hour to backtest a whole year…
    This ea has only a few settings but still needs hours…
    Thanks a lot!

    • Sorry, I used many indicators for EA.
      That is the reason.
      If I use them with icustom code to read signal by eveytick, so it uses a lot of resources.

      By the way most of my EA does not use current bar data, I use the previous candle stick bar data, so
      you don’t have to backtest with everytick mode.
      When EA use the closed bar’s closed price only, EA don’t used everytick price, so you can use Open Price only mode!

      • Maybe the ea uses closed bar data to open new trades. Does this work to get (tick-like) data for closing trades with correct TP or SL or to open marti-trades correct?

        Anyway, I can’t get this ea to work for backtest. Tested on 2 different accounts (different broker) with different base currencies, on different time frames and different currency-pairs. I used tick-data and bar-open-prices. There is not a single trade and no entry in the journal 🙁

  • Thanks Tanaka,

    I’ve downloaded and I am running for testing with TF M15, but till one hour does not open any position.

    On setting file, suffix’s pair leave blank like default. My broker use OctaFX.

    • This EA trade only when big market move and EA will trade in strong currency power pairs,
      so during high impact news EA will entry more.
      Any time frame is OK. I am using M1.

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