This is a free EA based on the indicator (half-trend).

It has stoploss!!!     Survived….




I added HMA trend filter and looks good.

Set file


HMA indicator


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  • Do I need to have a Half-trend indicator installed for this EA to work? If so, which one do I need? As you know, there are many! Have you tried Halftrend TT (x5v4)? It’s the best I’ve seen for entries.

  • Thank you! Please try the Halftrend TT (x5v4) indicator I attached to my previous message. You will be surprised how well it works, particularly on Renko charts.

  • Here’s the mq4. Just change the MA_Mode to EMA and the MAshift to -2. I’m using this indicator with median renko charts and it works very well. Perhaps you could incorporate this into your EA Half Trend !

  • Please don’t be offended by my suggestions to improve your Half-Trend EA but a feature that would be extremely valuable would be to allow the EA to open an additional trade, for each new candle, then close them all when the Half Trend indicator changes colour/direction/opposite arrow. Also, I’m not sure if the EA works properly with Renko charts. I’ve tried it on a Median Renko bar chart but it doesn’t seem to open trades when I would expect it to, based on the chart and a half trend indicator.

    Thank you!

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