EA Fibonacci Tanaka

Hi, I coded a new EA.

EA Fibonacci Tanaka

This EA use buylimit& selllimit, so draw down is very low.
Also you can change buylimit & selllimit Lot size multiple  based on fibonacci Level.


Limit orders are deleted at the time which you input hour/minutes.

EU H1 tp=5, trailing 5/10

EU H1 tp20, trailing 20/10

EU H1 tp20, trailing 20/10 (Initial $500), Risk 10%

AUDUSD (H1, default set)

MAMethod=移動平均線の種類(0=SMA, 1=EMA, 2=SMMA, 3=WMA)




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    • I have coded many many EA and I am almost confused which is the best one.
      Maybe you can download and pick up the best one with your own idea.

  • Hello Mr. Tanaka, Good to see you.

    I usually manually scalp Oil and Gold mostly on the basis of fundamentals. Unable to spare lot of time for trading due to full time job. Would you kindly recommend some EA which I can test in Demo account and will buy if results are satisfactory..

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