Can you help to test EA_SuperSignal?

Can you help to test EA_SuperSignal?

The EA has no limitation, so you can test in your demo account.

EA has no tp/sl, instead close with opposite signal.

When I test in Renko chart,. it looks good.

Can anyone help to test in Renko chart?

Default set.


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  • this is my strategy of the EA’s i had u create… so therefore i can tell u that u cannot leave the TP/SL blank because it does not always close on opposite signal, so u can either do one of two things…. set a trailing and leave TP/SL blank or set trailing and enter a TP/SL…i had this happen today…3 sell trades open, buy signal triggered EA open a buy trade but did not close out the 3 sell trades luckily i was at my computer so i closed out manually….i’m sure the reason is due to a data feed and coding collision may caused the confusion of the script task not being completed…i’ve had huge DD in the past because i had TP/SL blank

  • also tanaka u need to re upload this EA for people who aren’t good with settings…. this EA is set in reverse mode set to true…luckily i caught that

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