Omega EA is so far so good.

Please help to FT. It looks good.



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    • Yes, you can check in SoeHoe web site for free. It has no limitation.
      If you need more revised better template, I can code for you but price is $20.

  • i just want to buy one of your EA’s sir what would you recommend? im looking for indicator based ea with high winning rate chance. Losses are part of this game but chances to win. I backtested some of your EA’s on soehoe page I get but I want a thing that you will recommend me for small accounts.

    • It is kind of difficult to find the best one..
      All EA is profitable but if you use attack martin you need a lot of initial equity.
      It depends on your equity.
      I have not checked all EA because everyday many many coding requests.
      Maybe you can try to ask someone to show FT result in real account in my blog.

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