Powerful EA is EA_pinbar


Majoy 5 chart

0.1 lot start

Start budget $500 —> Now $3300 (balance)

Max floating (DD) is $1350

BUT profit is cool.

I want to test with 0.01lot.

How much can we srart as a budget?


By the way another FT (No hedge & Unuse news filter) was blow account demo)

so, mayne use of hadge is better and use of news filter is better.

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  • Hi Tanaka,

    1.) Is it possible if you can optimize for symbol #WTI. and #BRENT. and the Draw Down?
    2.) If yes, how much should I pay for your services?
    3.) Success on #WTI. but failed on #BRENT.

    Details :
    I’m using ICM Capital broker.

    Attached are the Back Testing TF M1 and M5 for your references.

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