[Revised] EA_automatic-regression-channel(revA)

I have add some filter for EA_automatic-regression-channel.

It is Smart attach martin.

Attack martin order is placed just in the best position by the trend filter.

You can just turn on/off

Use smart martin=false

Use smart martin=true

I added Auto stoploss code (9-April-2020)

Please try. (revA)


This is yesterday FT result!  Looks cool.


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  • Not working download !
    Error! This download item (1568) does not have any download link. Edit this item and specify a downloadable file URL for it. 124

  • Dear Tanaka-san,
    I am about to order this EA, but do you have some document explaining the difference between :
    1) Max Martingale, Multiplyer and Risk
    2) Atack Martin and Smart Martin and the SL

    I see various settings and even though I am playing around in testing, it is not exactly clear what they are all doing ! Oh, one more question, do you also have similar EA based on the lineair regression channel (the bow channel)
    Thanks and regards

    • Hi, if you select risk, then lot size is increased based on your equity.
      About attack martin order,if your order is loosing, then martingale order is placed every xxx pips with lot size multiple.
      If you use smart martin, martingale order is placed only when the trend changed.
      I need to make a manual, maybe after Japanese natinnal holiday (until 6th May ) I will make it.

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