This is my original EA.

I have been FT for a month so far.

Start $500

Lot size 0.1


So far so good.

Really cool, isn’t it?

If you want to get this EA, please send me your forex ID (Maximum 2) and your paypal payment screen capture here. (link)


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    • Sorry, not available.
      I will FT another 1 month.
      DD is still low. Just one time, it was high but we can use basket stoploss to reduce risk.
      I use Attack martin max 3, it is working fine.

  • yes tanaka. inform me once you have completed this EA. aside from this EA what other EA would you recommend? while waiting for this to complete in 1 month

    • I think this EA is very good, but if the market changes to trending, it is not a perfect.
      Maybe you can use News filter although I have not tested yet.

  • Dear sensei, I noticed that EA has large drawdown (DD) during backtest due to lot of open trades. May i know why is it so? Can you optimize the EA so that it will have lower DD?

  • Hye sensei,

    Ia there any possibility to enter the signals countertrend?

    For example, when EA gives BUY signal, we entry SELL? Can you get that option in your EA?

  • FT with reverse mode TRUE gives better results as compared to the normal one. Can you optimize this EA more? It has big potential but need adjustment a little bit

  • Can’t run BT on ICmarket. Been trying to change the input here and there but still no open trade. After change to Tickmill then the BT run smoothly.

  • Hi tanaka san. How can I buy this ea? Is it still available?
    By the way, I have sent inquiry for coding EA. Can you check if you can make it and reply me? Thank you

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