This is a new EA.


If the candle touch the upper line = SELL ORDER

If the candle touch the lower line = BUY ORDER

Backtest looks nice!

Default set with TF M5

Please try.



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  • Hi Tanaka-san, I am very much interested in the Regrsssion Channel EA, but some items are not so clear to me, maybe you can clarify !

    But for now I run the test at standard settings (150 bars) I also put the standard regression channel with 150 bars to see the behaviour of the EA, but quit often the orders are opened not at the edge of the channel but in between the center and the edge, or the edge.
    The results are very good, so that is not the point, but I do not understand the behaviour.
    See link to image : https://www.mql5.com/en/charts/11769020/eurusd-h1-international-capital-markets
    So, sometimes trader are opened around April 16, which are unclear to me. At April 17, very clear hitting the edge but no buy opened, same counts for April 22, no sell opened.
    As I mentioned, the results are very good but I do not understand why it opening orders or skipping orders.
    Finally, If I fully understand I want to use TF 1H and 250 bars to have some, can you confirm the settings so I do it correctly ?
    Thanks for your time and keep up the good work !
    Regards, Robbert – The Netherlands

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