This EA logic is based on below youtube.


But I changed the logic a little bit.

GBPUSD reverse mode=true is better.

GBPUSD H1   stoploss 25pips,  reverse mode =true /Entry=10pips

XAUUSD H1   stoploss 25pips,  reverse mode =true /Entry=1pips

Download here





or below link


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    • Multi code has some problem. (delay or missing modification)
      So I open many charts and attach EA separately.
      please try it to find the best pair!

  • Halo Pak Tanaka,

    I’ve questions :

    1. set default as downloaded file, stop loss is 25 and entry pip is 10. but on your example set file like picture shown in this article stop loss is 250 and entry pip is 100. what’s the difference ?

    2. i try in this morning on cent account. i see line for the high price and line for the low price. but when price hit the high price, the EA open entry sell. it is different with the strategy on youtube ? or this is called reverse_mode=true ? and the set file using entry pips, when the entry pip is used ?

    Thanks Mr Tanaka.

    • If you attach GOld (XAUUSD, it is points, so 25pips means that you need to input 250).
      I used reverse mode =true. It means if the price breaks high level, then sell entry.

  • Hi Mr Tanaka Thankyou for your EA trial.i had a problem since friday it didnt close position,not make TP or even Trailing stop.i running it on demo. Is it possible bugs on it?do we need to make it with other trailing EA?Thankyou

  • I tried in demo and real.its different opening position even same broker.since last week its not opened any single trade in my real acc.but in demo still working until now.is there any updates with your EA Mr.Tanaka?

  • Hi Mr Tanaka san,100pips still have problem.i tried with 4 different acc and 4 diff vps,3 acc demo 1acc real.between 4 acc sometimes only open 2 OP others open 8 OP/week.do we have to raise spread settings?even i tried using same templates but its useless sometimes 2acc OP others not OP.Thankyou

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