EA Golden attacker Rev.D

I code many versions of EA Golden attacker.

This is Rev.D and I want to ask to help backtest to find the best set.

I added some function.

  1. Order distance pips is changed by the number of  your current order.

You can just put initial order distance pips, then the order distance is changed by your N of orders.

If initial order distance is 300pips, then if you have 2 orders, next order distance is 300 X 2 =600 pips.

If you have 3 orders total, then next order distance will be 3 X 300= 900pips. Safer!

This is to avoid many orders in very close price zone.

  1. Added Price Gap pips

You can add Price Gap pips, then your entry is limited only with a certain price gap.

For example, if you put 500pips, then your entry is valid only when the price Gap from a previous close price is more than 500pips.

  1. Added Trend filter (SMA200)

In the previous version, the order was made even when the long trend is not matched.

So I added SMA200 filter and if the price is below SMA200, the buy order is changed to sell order even when EMA filter shows BUY Trend.



Time frame M15 also looks good. Maybe the best??

If you find the good set, please share!!

Download file.

EA_Gold Attacker(revD)backtestonly.ex4

If you want to FT , I can send you 2weeks trial. Please send below.

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  • Hello Mr. Tanaka
    Is it possible to email me this robot for 2 weeks to test it on my demo account and then buy it?
    If you remember, I commented on the initial test of this robot.

    • I have just sent you.
      Please find the good set for Gap Pips.
      It changes depends on the market.
      M15 , M30 ,H1 is OK but gap pips should be changed!

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