Can you tell me the logic for Binary Option?

Hi, I want to code the indicator for Binary Option.

Does anyone know the good logic for it?

If you teach me, I will code!


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  • Okay then moving average should be 200 sma
    Required options — TP, SL, breakeven, (close at ENTRY) half lot (1/2/) close.
    Running order close and reverse on when moving average cross candle.

    1. when price (candle) cross ma upper side after candle close (complete running candle)
    2.Sell when price (candle )cross MA down side after candle close (complete running candle)

    Take Profit will be 2 times if possible as
    TP one reached and half of lot closed after of that if price reached entry it will close it self with breakeven
    If price not reach to breakeven (ENTRY) after taking TP1 it will take TP2 and closed it self
    If you think anything else you can but with disable/enable option
    No martingle required
    I hope you understand this one no one can beat
    Even fxnuke it’s better than fxnuke DT
    If you can made this sir I will give you 90% itm mine strategy of binary options thanks

  • Hi Thanaka. I use to do this method manually.
    Only BB and rsi keep BB settings 20-2 and when candle crosse BB uper or lower band and with rsi 30-70
    Rsi should be out of his chanel then take trade for 5 min .
    70 to 80% trade will win….

    Is it possible to code this

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