I  code EA_Tanaka_Master_Trade_Manager_2019

You can use this EA for

1.  FT

2. Backtest

Just attach any indicator on the chart.

If you see buy signal, then just click buy button for manual trade.

If you see sell signal, then just click sell button for manual trade.

You can use many other useful button.

Once the order was placed, it is closed with tp/sl/trailing.

You can also use martingale orders. Martingale order is placed every xx pips.

You can use fix lot size or risk% and many features.

image image

You can get Tanaka Trade Manager 2019 now!

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  • >>1
    Only entry is manual operation.
    If you entry by manual , it will close tp/sl or trailing.
    You can attach any indicator and if indicator show arrow, then you entry by manual.

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