Which EA is the best ?

I have coded many EA  maybe 3 to 5 everyday.

My friend gave up the below message.

The performance of EA Curvers-Arrows on EU pair has recently turned from good to bad due to changing market conditions. I have started losing money:( on my live account for this EU pair. Luckily, the Asia Scalper Pro EA has been performing so well on GU pair and it manages to cover the EU losses.
So, here is my updated list of top 5 performers:
1. EA_Asia Scalper Pro – thanks to Boozee for sharing it on this thread and many thanks to Mr Tanaka for optimizing it.
2. EA_PR – slow performer but consistent. I like it!
3. EA_Binary Kikos
4. EA_UniversalMC – thanks again to Mr Tanaka for modifying the original version of this EA that I share on this thread.
5. EA_Dollar Pile 2019
Note that I use the default settings for all with no martingale & max_orders = 5 only.

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