FT of EA_SwingMagicMulti (Non martingale)

These are FT result for a month.

EA_SwingMagicMulti (RUN with NO MARTINGALE)

You can check raw data here.


I have run for multi pairs without attack martingale. (Initial $500 with 0.1 lot size, Max currency pair=5)

Max floating is $770 /Time frame H1.




If you are interested in this EA, please contact here.



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  • I really appreciate non marti EA (i follow Tanaka since a long time now)
    the reason that i bought this EA is that you give the account balance to start, the timeframe, the floating in H1 and the pairs. Details from Myfxbook are very helpful, because we see total number won trades per pair
    After BT USDJPY in M30 i decided to launch directly in LIVE
    so i had 7eur on account i put 93 with Skrill to have 100euros total
    If we play 0.1 with 500 I adapt fixlot to 0.02 with 100euros

    Picture of REAL ACCOUNT since 14march 15:32

  • I have been your fun with the coding so far. I appreciate the free versions you have offered. Now I want to upgrade and offer some reward for the good work.
    Which 2 robots can work together for maximum Profits in the market?
    Have found the Smart Hedge EA – rev c is a trend following EA with special lot and EA_protofilter as trend reversal seeker. Which one do you propose so far?

  • Hello! Would it be possible to have a backtest version of the SwingMagic Multi EA? I was not able to find a link to it on your website, including using the search function.

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